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Carpet Cleaning

A&B Corporate Cleaning Services is your service provider for the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Metro Marietta. First impressions matter and there is no second chance to make a first impression.. We are sure, as a business owner, you understand this and understand how customers view you and your business is tied to the appearance of your facilities. At A&B CCS, we offer a comprensive maintenance program which can be customized for your facilities. This will allow you to maintain a clean and neat space for your employees and your clients.

One of the most versatile flooring options available is still carpeting. If it is properly maintained, it will sustain its durability, look, and ease of maintenance for many years. Carpets can be designed with level loop, cut pile, broadloom, or modular carpet tiles. Regardless of how your carpet is constructed, we have an effective maintenance program to satisfy your needs. Whatever your commercial space may be, whether, offices, healthcare facilities, public or private schools, hospitality, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, retirement communities, or event spaces, through our experience, we understand each type of business and each space have their own unique needs.

Encapsulation Cleaning

We, at A&B Corporate Cleaning Services, are pleased to offer the best encapsulation method used in encapsulation cleaning available today. The CIMEX Encapsulation cleaning eliminates the need for pre-spraying by providing direct-to-pad application and is belt-driven (a fairly quiet operation, not to disrupt any conversation). This superior method, direct-to-pad, does not compromise the air quality of your space as it does not create the misting of cleaning solutions into the air. Unlike other methods, this method of cleaning is low moisture and will dry within 30 minutes which makes it ideal for business who want to minimize disruption and down time. Importantly, it is the best method for businesses such as medical facilities, hotels, and schools who must control the air-quality. A&B CCS offers a no-cost consultation, an added service, to assess and develop a plan to satisfy the unique needs of your space. Keep in mind whether your space would be best suited for encapsulation or in the need of hot water extraction (traditional "steam cleaning"), we have a program we can tailor to meet your needs.

A&B CCS is proud to provide a complete range of carpet cleaning services to best serve our customers. We offer the following services in the Metro Marietta area: